With the ever-growing media spaces and innovations,

With the ever-growing media spaces and innovations, all these rapid changes are challenging and overwhelming to say the least. What was cool turned not-so-hot in a month, if not days. Predict all you want, in this day and age
where everything is a scroll down and a swipe, the best preparation is to be well-informed and build upon your unique assets and strengths.

Viewability: Impressions that can actually be seen by users.

Brand Safety: The appropriateness of where brands appear and advertise.

Social Addiction amongst Children: How we can help shape the future of society.

Regulations and Accountability at Large

Be in the know

A Tug of War Game between Big Advertisers and Key Digital Ad Platforms

P&G and Unilever play a vital role in influencing the policies of Facebook and Google. With the main concerns being:

Facebook slashed on viral videos and announced unprecedented move to regulate and outline Branded Content Function

Advertising (action) is louder than (organic) words

  • Content Going on Pay Wall
  • Model Facebook eating up broadcaster content through Ad acquisition.
  • Subscription business model will have limited opportunities for broadcasters.

Spending all the effort in migrating to small screens do not resonate well with real behavior of multi-screen media consumption.

Free TV in Southeast Asia is still king, the most reliable platform with an established mass audience, enabling a far more stable and regulated content.

The opportunity that we see here is how we can further amplify TV by building a better ecosystem,

that can result in a more effective tracking and a more accurate consumer profiling.